Hygiene Treatments

Hygiene treatments, a healthy smile for life.

Regular hygiene treatments

Prevention is better than cure

Regular visits to your dental hygienist is the most effective way to keep your mouth disease free. At every hygiene appointment we assess your oral health and risk of gum and bone disease.  Our aim is to keep your smile healthy with regular tooth and gum cleaning. Prevention is the best answer for overall dental health.


Treating Periodontal Disease


It all begins with bleeding gums

Periodontal disease affecting the gum and bone in your mouth is increasingly common. It can have serious implications on your oral health.  If you have been assessed as needing treatment for periodontal disease, we will help guide you towards the right treatment options.

For more information on periodontal disease see: www.youtube.com

Saliva Testing

The best defence against tooth decay is your own saliva. Sometimes it doesn’t do the job it should and can result in new tooth decay. Saliva testing can help us understand what is causing the problem. Your Smilehaus hygienist will let you know if you are at risk and require a saliva test.