Family Dental Care

Dental health through all the ages and stages.

Children up to age 13

From 0-13 years dental care is free

Dental nurses provide free dental care for children. You can enrol your child directly or referrals can be made by Well Child providers or general practitioners.

School dental nurses provide a great service and often refer children to us for more complicated procedures. Treatment for children at Smilehaus is only free if you have been referred by a dental therapist or the treatment cannot be done by a dental therapist.

You may choose to have your child’s dental care done exclusively at Smilehaus. This option suits parents who understand the value of continuity of dental care.

Let’s talk about the right option for your child.

Adolescents - up to age 18

Teen dental health

This is a really important age to reinforce good dental home care habits. A range of free basic dental services is government funded for adolescents until their 18th birthday. The Community Oral Health Service will normally provide enrolment information at the end of school year 8, or adolescents can enrol directly with a contracted dentist.

As a contracted provider, smilehaus provides free dental care for 11-18 year olds.


General dental care

We provide all general dental care treatment using the most up to date equipment. This means faster, safer, more efficient, cost effective dental care – isn’t that what everyone wants?

Older adults

Dental care for older adults is vitally important. Untreated gum disease is linked with all sorts of systemic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and alzheimers. Regular dental check ups are essential. Smilehaus provides a wide range of options for replacing lost teeth or enhancing your existing teeth.

We are committed to your teeth lasting for life.